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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello. Did you miss me?

To all of the people who ever got a kick out of reading my blog, I need to apologize for not writing in here for ... well, several months, now. I've been a bad boy, and, in the words of a good friend of mine, Patrick (only a couple of you actually know him), "I deserve to be punished." At this point, Pat would go over to the liquor cabinet and grab the pisco, which is a rather strong brandy that is very popular in Chili and Peru, and made of Moscatel grapes. Yes, I just looked that up, because I forgot what it was.

"How's life been, my old friend?" you may inquire. I may then reply to such a query with, "Well, old chap, it's been right miserable," and then proceed to bore you with a three-hour tragedy of woes. If you're a lady, I'd never tell you tales of my adventures on the high seas and how I lost my leg to a minnow. I may instead say, "My dear lady, it's been simply marvellous," and then proceed to tell you tales of gallantry, and then, as you're wondering to yourself, "Did he really do all this?" out would walk a magnificent white horse the size of a Shire Horse with the speed of an Arabian, but every bit as wild as a Mustang, with the strength of a Shelby Mustang. I would then done my feathered helmet, hop on this magnificent beast and do battle with a dragon.

"And how's work?" you may then ask. Well, work has been busy. Times are going well, although times are also very busy. I've spent several nights at work one week, simply because I couldn't concentrate during the day -- too much pent-up energy, I guess. In any case, I had to be there during the day, but since I couldn't get much work done, I had to work at night, when the bright sunshine and the wonderful weather wasn't beckoning me with its siren call. Aside from that, work has been going well.

"Do you have a personal life at all anymore?" Well, that all depends upon what you mean when you say "personal life." If you mean to ask me if I do all the things I want to do ... well, frankly, no, I don't. I don't have the time. (Oh, do you mind if I call you frankly? Yes? OK, I'll stop.) What with two jobs, my workout routine and my choral commitments, all of my time outside of work is spent doing these things or sleeping. I don't have much time for the pleasantries of life anymore, aside from listening to music and keeping up with Facebook.

On the plus side, you know how people give up things for Lent this year, things that would be a sacrifice? Well, I used to think that giving up video games would be a sacrifice. I haven't played them in so long that it wouldn't be a sacrifice for me to do it anymore. There are only two things I could really give up for Lent (aside form the usual fasting): Facebook and music. Music is the only thing that keeps me going at times, so that leaves me with only one option.

And now for something completely different. Have you ever wondered if this would be fun? No? Seriously? Man, I must be weird or something. I saw this picture and I began looking for opportunities. It's not the same suspended under my car, because my car is kind of little (it's a Nissan Sentra -- I can't really fit comfortably under it). So, I'm a little weird, huh? That's OK. I've been told worse things. I'll take that as a compliment.

I'm in Texas again visiting family and friends. The last time I was here, I worked about 60 hours per week, and didn't get much visitation time. I felt kind of bad, because I was on the computer all day while Mom did her usual routine. I'd get up every once in while, but overall, it wasn't much of a vacation. This time, however, I've got several days off -- today being one of them. Sweet freedom. :)

In any case, I think that's it for me for today. I'll try to keep up with you all, but you are all very quick movers, and I'm just one shy lil' man.
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