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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conan: the Destroyer

This movie was just fun. The plot wasn't great, and the acting was only slightly better than the first one, but it was a very entertaining movie. This movie also had one other thing going for it: it was a lot cleaner than the first one.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Conan: the Barbarian

This was one of the first if not the first that established Arnold Schwarzenegger as the actor that he is. It's not a thinking movie, and I definitely can't recommend it as a clean, wholesome, family movie. However, if you can watch it while keeping the title in mind (especially the part about "Barbarian"), and consider that there are no rules or morals and that they are all pagan, it is a pretty fun movie. If you can't keep that in mind, and you can't just watch it for the fun of it, don't watch it. You'll come out of it wondering why the 1960's and 1970's had to happen. The early 80's was cheesy enough without the awful hippie influence...

Come to think of it, I do wonder why the 60's and 70's had to happen...

The Godfather, Part III

This movie is definitely entering the modern era of movies. Some of the camera work was a bit lot more stylized...

This movie went along at a better pace than Godfather II. I enjoyed it more, although, it was still rather confusing. I had to read the synopsis to put it all together.

This was yet another 3 hour movie. I've spent 9 hours (with 2 hours of breaks) watching the Godfather Trilogy... Crazy...

I'll have to watch them each again. :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Godfather, Part II

Wow. I heard that it wasn't as good as the original Godfather. I liked it more after I read the Wikipedia synopsis, but until then, it really didn't make much sense. Once again, it was an excellent movie, but it didn't really appeal to me. Perhaps I need to watch it again...

Plus, it was a second three-hour movie in a row...

The Godfather

This was a good movie, even an excellent movie. I recognize the quality of the story, the filming, the actors, etc. I personally didn't really enjoy it all that much, because it was really slow through a lot of it. However, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see it.

There are two very short clips of sex -- one during the first half-hour of the movie, and the second one doesn't show any sex, but you see it coming, and you know when to either look away, turn off the TV, or otherwise get distracted for about five seconds.

I will say that it was the original gangster movie. It laid out the premise for every single Italian stereotype. "I made him a deal he couldn't refuse." Great quote...

Vocation Discernment Weekend

The weekend started with my first vocal lesson. I went to Kathy C.'s house (she was recommended by Sarah H.) from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. She figured out my comfort range, and she gave me a few pointed on things to do. I'll try to have a lesson once a week, but with my schedule being what it is, we'll see if that actually works...

After my lesson, I went to Front Royal, chatted with Lizzie, chatted with Sarah, and then went to St. Kevin's were I spent the night.

Saturday morning, bright and early (8:30 AM) I woke up after getting about five hours of sleep. The first talk I went to was Fr. Frank Pavone's talk, entitled "Master, Where Do You Stay?" Dealing with Uncertainty in Choosing a Vocation. This was a great speech. It got me all fired up about my vocation -- whatever it is...

At 10:00 began Exposition, Adoration, and Confessions in the chapel until 11:15 Mass. After Mass, then lunch, the first talk I went to was Diocesan Priesthood/Permanent Deacon with Fr. Brian Bashista and Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler. This was a good presentation. I got some information regarding a vocation retreat for the Arlington Diocese.

Following this, a large group of people piled into the smallest classroom for Gerard A.'s talk, Discerning Your Vocation While Still Single (Gerard graduated from Christendom, class of '05). We moved out of that classroom into a larger one, but even that was packed -- standing room only. Gerard gave an incredible speech, presenting some ideas for discerning your vocation. His main point was just live life. Do what you need to do, do what you see needs to be done.

The third and final talk was Marriage as a Vocation. You can guess what it was about. It was a good talk -- it was given by the parents of a current junior, whom I first met as a freshman: Micah W. After the talk, I spoke to Mr. W. for a moment.

After all this was a social/happy hour. I stopped in for only a moment to speak to Fr. Bashista about what it would take to get bi-ritual faculties if I were to become a priest. He said that for something like that, I would have to be selected -- it's not something that I could ask for, nor is it something that he or anyone could guarantee. Satisfied with that answer, I left to go to Vespers at Holy Transfiguration.

After Vespers, I went to see Ghost Rider with Eric. I got back to the apartment about midnight, checked my e-mail and went right to bed.

This morning, I got up at 7:00, and was at Holy Transfiguration at 9:00 in spite of the snow/ice mix that was raining from the sky. Divine Liturgy was loads of fun, especially with the anathemas. I wish that the Roman Rite had something like that. It's not often that I get to hear heresies and then repeat the anathemas that proclaimed them heretical.

I drove back to the apartment -- it took me over half-an-hour to actually get back to the apartment, using the tollway -- about twice the time that it normally takes. On the way back, I called Francis F. who relayed to Dr. P. that I would not be at practice.

When I got back to the apartment, fired up the Godfather Trilogy. {shrugs} Eh...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Inside Man

I don't really know what to think of this. This was definitely a movie that kept me thinking. I watched it, and I was always wondering what was going to happen next. There were several places where I knew what was going to happen -- there were several places where it was even predictable. Early on, when the bank robbers made everyone strip down to their underwear, I wondered what would come of this. Then, when they gave everyone clothes, I saw how that would be used. It was pretty crazy, albeit somewhat predictable. I would recommend this movie as a fun movie. The ending was very much not expected...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lady in the Water

This was an excellent movie! I say this in complete disagreement with everyone who I've ever heard bash it. If you look at it from the mindset of hearing a story, and also keeping in mind that this story is set in today's world, then your suspension of disbelief will kick in, and you will be able to enjoy it. However, if you critique it, you won't be able to enjoy it. It is, after all, based on a children's fairy tale...

Disagree with me however you will. If you enjoy the movie, great. If you hate the movie, fine. If you are completely neutral about it, OK. This was just my opinion of the movie...

The Da Vinci Code

I have only one thing to say: what is the hype about? The movie was, quite honestly ridiculous. I can suspend a lot of disbelief, but not when my Faith is mocked.

Going into the film, I had heard rumors of blasphemy, especially on the part of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married. But the film was simply ludicrous. Sadly, it was not a funny kind of movie. There were a couple moving scenes where I felt badly for a character, or relieved by a narrow escape, but that's all that I felt. I tried to enjoy the movie as a story, but I just couldn't.

All I could think of being in Tom Hank's (or any of the other actors or actresses) shoes and having to say such cheesy lines in front of a camera. I think that I would have read the script once and said, "I think not." Seriously. Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor -- why did he do this movie?

A Beautiful Mind

...and a beautiful movie. It is easily one of my new favorites. I was hooked over a year ago when I first heard one track of the soundtrack. The main theme (A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics) was so hauntingly beautiful. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack, and I knew that I had to see the movie.

The number of times that I've listened to soundtracks and then decided that I wanted to see a movie (like Star Trek Generations) or play the video game (like Final Fantasy VI) is ridiculously high. I am always able to get into a movie or game much better if I have heard the score or the soundtrack. And this this case, I really got pulled into the movie...

All the acting in this movie was simply fantastic. I'm no critic, but all of the performances were simply incredible! This is a must-see movie, and one that I will highly recommend to everyone. Of course, by "everyone", I mean the more grown-up audiences. Most children would probably be either confused by or terrified of the movie...


My sister Jane just had her second child, Isabel Christina. Obviously, I've back the time up on this post so that it works. Otherwise, I'd have to say, "She had her baby earlier today," or something to that effect. Oh yeah, and she weighs 5lbs, 7oz and is 18" long.

Weekend activities...

On Saturday, I went to Baltimore to audition for a short film. It was an hour long drive (one-way) for a ten-minute long audition. I drove back to Herndon, and in the process, I exchanged a shirt at the Men's Wearhouse, then stopped at Best Buy to pick up a wire adapter and a mounting kit for my new tape deck. It took about an hour-and-a-half to install, mostly because I had never installed a car radio before, plus I'm not that great at stripping wires. The tape deck seemed too big, but it fit. I also replaced the front right parking light. The left side will require some bending to get it put back into shape. I also need a new bumper cover and grille. Neither one are too expensive -- it's just bending the car back into shape will require skill that I don't think I have...

That evening, I was going to go to Glen Echo, but I decided against it. It was $15 to get in, plus I needed to be up early on Sunday morning for Mass. I was not going to go down to Front Royal that evening, so I had to get up early the next morning. And I did. I actually went to bed at an almost decent hour and got up about 6:45 AM. (Hey, I'm a slow mover in the morning...) I made it to Christendom just before nine, catching almost all of choir practice.

After Mass, I went to brunch, and then to the practice for the Palestrina Choir, which until now I've always called "the select choir" because there wasn't really a name attached to it...

After this, I spent about 2went to the gym and played racquetball, wallyball, and basketball. Then I went to Dane and JD's for a little bit. After that, I went to the chapel and chanted with the guys for a while.

Dr. P. had an art song recital, which was excellent. I had to heckle him a little from the audience, but I tried to keep it down...

At brunch, Sarah Fr. and Beth Fe. had asked me if I knew Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. Sadly, I had forgotten most of the words. They asked me if I could re-learn it, be at birthday singing that night, and sing it. So, I found the lyrics on the internet and re-studied them. At birthday singing, I sang the part of the lumberjack and everyone else sang the part of the mounties. I think that the girls got a kick out of it...

I spent the night at Ken and Alaina's place, and on Monday, Ken and I drove in to work together. That night, TJ helped me learn how to swing dance. It was embarrassing at best for me. I inadvertently insulted my dance partner by indirectly calling her heavy. That was definitely embarrassing. Then there is my general clumsiness, poor balance, and my own remarkable method of getting in my own way. I felt a bit like a fool, needless to say...

Then Eric and Sarah showed up. I felt even more clumsy, because Eric is an exceptionally good dancer (implying by this statement that I was in a room of really good dancers -- if you take this to mean anything else, it's not what I mean).

After that, I hung out with Eric W. and Sarah H. After I left, Eric and I went to Fast Eddie's Billiards, had a drink, and just chatted for a while. The time being late, I went home to bed. Well, I actually tried to do some work, but I fell asleep in front of the computer...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Volume I

I bought this some time ago. I started watching it a while back but it was too painful to keep watching it. The humor is completely whacko and absurdist. A couple of the jokes were actually funny. The rest of it really isn't.

I started watching it a couple days ago, and I just finished it up. I think I watched it all quickly because I was hoping and praying for some redeeming quality about this show. There wasn't much that was redeeming.

I bought it a few years back. The first time I ever heard of Space Ghost was through some sound files that some friends of mine had. Those clips were actually hilarious. This show -- not so much...

The Muppets Take Manhattan

This is another fun Muppet movie, but this one is not my favorite out of the ones I've seen. I really dislike Miss Piggy in this one. She's definitely my least favorite Muppet, but I have to admit, it wouldn't be complete without her...

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Great Mupper Caper

Now this was a great movie! The humor was right on par with the Muppet Movie. It was hilarious! There were a lot of puns, just like a great Muppet movie. :) I'm not sure which I liked more, this one, the Muppet Movie, or Muppet Treasure Island, which is probably my favorite Muppet movie, simply because of the plot. I'm hooked on piratey movies... :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Young Guns II

This was yet another fun movie, making a legend much larger than life. Young Guns was better, though.

If you liked the first, you should watch the second. It's good. But keep in mind that the first one is better.

Bon Jovi played the music for the movie -- I like Bon Jovi and his music, bu-u-u-u-ut I'm not sure how I feel like it for a western. It definitely enhances the whole legend, and makes the movie that much better. Hmmm... I guess the other option was early 90's country, and I can't see that as making really good music for this movie. OK, Bon Jovi's cool. :)

Young Guns

This was a pretty good movie. I've seen it before, but I think I fell asleep early on and woke up about half-way through it. I really enjoyed this movie. It's good fun!

I can't say that it's the best western. It was made in 1988, and it had a big 80's influence, especially with the music. As a legend, Billy the Kid was larger than life. This movie was definitely true to that...


Wow. I finally got around to watching this movie. It's very good. I got really hooked into it.

Personally, I very seriously dislike druggies. Ray Charles was apparently hooked on heroin for a good part of his life. When he first started with the drugs, I saw it going downhill quickly, but I didn't turn off the movie. It showed his battle with drugs, and how he finally overcame them. He believed that he needed them to perform and make people like him. However, after he overcame his addiction, he still continued releasing hits, so that was a good thing for him.

This movie portrayed junkies in a different light. They are people who are addicted to a drug, and believe that they really need it. They cripple themselves with what they do. I still dislike junkies, but this movie showed me yet another instance where I need to hate the sin and not the sinner...

Jane Eyre

Sarah H. and I went to see this play at GMU. My car was completely stuck in ice, so she had to come get me. The play wasn't bad, I guess, but it's pulling teeth for me to say it. I found it more disturbing than anything. After the play, we went out to IHOP to grab a bite to eat. I didn't really think I was all that hungry, but I was. I cleaned off my plate in no time flat, and it happened to come with unlimited pancakes, so I had a couple refills of that.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pretty normal weekend

This weekend, I didn't do a lot. It was nice. I went to Front Royal on Friday evening and watched Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope with Emma, Lizzie and Sarah. On Saturday morning, I went to choir practice, and then headed back to the apartment. Ken had called me to see what was going on, so I invited him and Alaina out that evening. Josh and Leslie were planning on coming over, and with Alex coming back to the apartment, we could all have a fun time.

I actually had to work on Saturday, so most of my day was spent sitting around. Later on in the evening, I got word from Ken, Alaina and Alex that they weren't coming, and shortly after that, Josh and Leslie called as well to say that they couldn't make it. They were flying out the next day on a vacation cruise, and they hadn't finished packing yet.

We had also planned to meet up at Glen Echo and go swing dancing. I arrived there at the very end of the practice, and I stuck around for a little while, but I left at about 10 PM. I was going to go to Front Royal that evening, but I ended up not going. I was pretty tired...

Early on Sunday morning, I drove down to Front Royal, went to Mass, went to all the choir practices and then went to Old St. Mary's for the Solemn High Tridentine Latin Mass. After that, I met up with Maria B., and we went out to grab a bite to eat. We got caught up on life in general, and then I drove back to my apartment.

Pretty plain weekend...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Man Who Would Be King

This was an excellent movie. What can I say? It's Sean Connery, the original James Bond, sporting a style of facial hair that I've grown myself and thoroughly enjoyed having. This is one of the great movies of all times, even though it portrays the Masons as a good group in which to be...

How'd you like that? I rearranged that last sentence so that it wouldn't end in a preposition! {insert silly grin here}

Animaniacs, Volume 2

This has taken me a while to get through, but it's loads of fun! I love Animaniacs! They are ridiculously absurd, and the cartoon physics appeal to me...

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Longest Yard

This is the 2005 edition, not the 1974. It was actually a lot of fun. Adam Sandler and Chris Rock played their roles very well, as did all the WWE stars who made appearances. I recommend it very highly -- it's definitely fun, and it has a good ending. It's a happy ending movie, although not everything gets resolved. All the main problems get resolved. There were a couple minor points that don't, such as, what happens when he gets out of prison. Maybe that part doesn't really matter, but I was wondering it at the end of the movie...

Shanghai Knights

This was the sequel. I can't complain much. Back-to-back, they were pretty funny. I thought that the first one was better than this one, but this one was still entertaining. Rush Hour was better than both of them, though. Don't get me wrong, these movies were perfectly enjoyable. I'd recommend them if you want to see something amusing. But don't expect a blockbuster from this one or it's predecessor.

Shangahi Noon

This was a fun movie, rather like most Jackie Chan movies. This one put a different spin on westerns. Owen Wilson plays a great surfer dude cowboy. He's a great fit for this movie, but I can't see him in a real western. Not that I can see Jackie Chan in a real western, but hey...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damage to the car...

My poor Sentra. Seriously. It's been broken into, it's been hit -- even Mother Nature likes to pick on it and the driver... I think everyone's got a bead on it...

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Singing for Emma's birthday

Emma turns twenty-two today. Here's a shout-out from the blog of mwa to her: "Happy birthday, Emma!"

Last night, after practicing with the Washington Cappella Antiqua in Alexandria, I was faced with the drive from there to Front Royal. I had two hours to get from point A to point FR. It could be done...

...and then I saw the snow. It was very light. I got in the car and started the drive. If the drive turned out to be too bad, I would simply not be able to make it to sing for Emma. I'd have to make that up somehow, but since I'm an unimaginative kind of guy, and I had been working with the guys to get something nice to sing for her birthday, I really wanted to get there.

Ken called me: "Anthony, I wouldn't come out if I were you. The roads are pretty bad."

I saw the snow. I saw people driving slow and scared. I saw emergency vehicles. My conscience (what's left of it) and that little voice of common sense (also, what's left of it) were setting off alerts in my head: "Don't do it." I argued back: "I want to. Emma and the guys are counting on me!" An obvious lie, because it's not like we had a piece that we absolutely needed me for. As if to hammer the point home, the SUV two car-lengths in front of me spun out and ended up in the middle median. An omen? "No, obvious lack of skill for driving in snow." I saw three emergency vehicles, another vehicle on the side of the road, and a lot of people just driving really slowly. The hints were there. I just chose to keep going.

Birthday singing went just fine. They seemed to enjoy it well enough. There was applause, and when we were all done, they gave up hot cider. I wanted to take some, but I knew that if I did, I would start to fall asleep on the road -- which is something I most certainly did not want to do, as you can understand.

There were a couple more birthdays, and when we were all done, we passed Emma and Lizzie and two other girls (I think Elizabeth H. and Sarah F.) sliding down St. Catherine's path. "Ah, to experience the simple joys of youth once again," says this old man...

Well, the drive back was really long. I did about 20 on the back roads leading to 66, and 30 MPH almost the whole way on I-66. I stopped in Haymarket to fill up with gas and to grab a quick bite to eat and drink, since I was getting fairly hungry. It was close to 2:30 AM. I got back on the road, and discovered that the streets were getting better. They had been plowed and that chemical had been put down, so the snow was more slush than slippery. This was good. I picked up speed to 40 MPH, and felt no slippery-ness at all. Impressed, I picked up speed to 50 MPH. Still felt very much in control. I did not want to chance going any faster, so I maintained 50, and made it all the way to Highway 28. I know how to drive in snow, so I wasn't worried.

I turned onto 28, and slowed down. I did about 25 mph all the way up to the apartment. One lane out of the three on Highway 28 was plowed. This meant that you could not see the lines on the road. I was being really good here: both hands on the wheel, not passing anyone, no matter how poorly or slowly they are driving. Well, except that one guy. I passed him in an unplowed lane, and then I got the feeling of false charity: "I should stay in this lane, because that'll help give other people an idea of where the lines are." Remember that I said you couldn't see the lines. How did I know where they were? I didn't.

Which is why, all of a sudden, I felt my car's front left wheel slide down onto the center median. This median is maybe all of an inch lower than the road, and it also has a very slight decline. Because of this, it pulled the rest of my car onto the median. The back end came forward, bringing the car into a left-hand spin. I turned my wheels into the spin, but not soon enough. The car went nose-first towards the concrete barrier. At the last possible second, the car began adjusting itself back to the direction that it should have been going. This saved the entire nose of the car, but not soon enough to prevent the front left corner of the bumper from striking the barrier. I was expecting it to not bounce off, and have the rest of the car slide along the barrier. However, my car acted just like a bumper car, bouncing me away from the barrier and back towards the street. I stopped the car, and checked out the damage. The bumper was beaten up, the front left headlight was loose (and dead), and both turn signals had popped out and were nowhere to be found. They probably shattered.

The rest of the trip home was uneventful. I got back into the plowed lane, the feeling of false charity having been smashed out of existence, and made it the rest of the way back to the apartment.

Tack one more onto my list of things that happen the moment I stop paying attention. This can be added to the wreck of the Acura, the cutting off of my finger-tip in the meat slicer, and the burning of my leg on the exhaust pipe of Dad's motorcycle.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Katie's wedding

I flew out of Baltimore/Washington International Airport at 5:30 AM, landed in Charlotte NC, 1 hour layover, landed in Kansas City International Airport. When I landed, I met Dorothy and Wesley who took me to Katie's house, where I met Katie's parents, siblings, fiancee, Sarah A., and Beth E. It felt like a lot of them were sizing me up. I hope that it's not the case, but it felt like I received an extra dose of suspicion from the groom. I can understand why, if it was the case: he had heard about this "Anthony" character who Katie had spoken about, but had never met him. Was I there to steal her from him? Was I going to mess things up? Was I just a normal guy who was only there to see them wed? I guess it's a fairly reasonable thing to wonder. Hopefully, I'm just being overly-suspicious about our introduction...

In any case, everyone continued going about their business. Beth and Sarah took off, the rest of the family went about their business, and soon it was Katie, Wesley, Dorothy, and myself. I felt a little more comfortable, since I was with fewer people whom I didn't know. I asked how I could help out, and I began assisting with wrapping the presents for the bridal party. There wasn't much else I could do. The rest of it involved dresses for the wedding, and if these dresses were going to live to see the next day, I couldn't touch them. Iron burns and other forms total ruin awaited them if I were to even look at them...

That evening, we went to the church. It was at the Basilica of St. John in Des Moines, IA -- a very nice church, nice and large. I walked around and found where Our Lord was kept, although it took a while...

The rehearsal went well, at least from my perspective. Everything went smoothly, and Matt and Katie learned how to get married. It's usually a good idea when two people are faced with the fact of marrying each other on the next day.

Beth and I discussed the music for the wedding. Katie had sent us both Charles Gounod's Ave Maria and C├ęsar Franck's Panis Angelicus. I had reviewed and practiced both of them, but I did not have a high enough voice to do that Ave Maria well. Essentially, I would only be singing the Panis Angelicus. I offered to get a harmony for it, so I went online that night and found one.

The rehearsal dinner was good, and when we left it was about -2 degrees. When I left BWI at 5:30 that morning, it was about 40 degrees. This was ridiculous.

Late that evening, Katie and Beth were discussing music for her wedding. I sat in and listened, but didn't really contribute much. I was more of a backup singer than anything, so I didn't really need to say anything.

The next morning, I got up, had breakfast, and went to the church with the family. While at the church, I said some prayers, and I was then summoned up to practice with Beth and the pianist. The Mass that Katie wanted was Mass XII, Pater Cuncta. I've never actually heard it, but it was very simple, and quite nice.

Mass went very well, or at least I thought it did. If Katie and/or Beth read this, I'm sure that they'll have their own things to say. Beth was freaking out about not sounding good, but I assure you, she sounded quite good. Katie looked like she was freaking out on the altar. During the readings, it looked like she was bracing herself to jump up and take care of any problems. I tried not to laugh, and I mostly succeeded. I couldn't help but grin at Katie and mouth the words, "Calm down." I think that I would have had to try to cover up a laugh if I hadn't.

After Mass came the reception. We drove a few miles to the reception location, and I found my table. I was half-worried that I wouldn't find it, but it always happens when I go to a reception. In any case, I found my table, and I found that I was the only Christendom person at the table -- in the entire room -- heck, the entire weekend.

The reception and the dinner was very nice. The food was great, and the music was loads of fun. The music opened with Frank Sinatra, continued with Kenny G, and the evening kept picking up to all sorts of dance numbers, ranging everywhere from Michael Jackson, to Glenn Miller, to Vanilla Ice. It was pretty wild.

When Katie and Matt came into the room, everyone began dinging glasses. Shortly after this, the DJ announced that the bride and groom would not kiss just for glass clinking. If you wanted to see them kiss, you had to get up and sing a song. I was extremely nervous about doing it, and I certainly did not want to be the first person up. However, after about half-an-hour to forty-five minutes, no one has sung anything, which meant that there had been practically no kissing. Considering this, it made for a somewhat disappointing wedding reception, from my humble opinion. I had to rectify the situation. So, I made up my mind to sing Shipoopi from the Music Man, convinced myself that it was a good idea, and then got up and did it. Well, only one verse and the refrain, but hey, it was good enough. Besides that, I was nervous as all heck. I did get to see a good kiss, though, so I was happy...

Following that, I went up and chatted with the bride and groom for a few seconds. The rest of the evening was spent listening to fun music, doing a little bit of dancing (the dollar dance, the train, and the chicken dance) and other such stuff. I didn't do any freestyling, or swing, or anything else. This was part of the beginning of my resolution to learn how to dance.

On the other hand, I got through a few questions of the Summa Theologica. Why would I be reading the Summa at a wedding reception? I don't know. Call me a reclusive jerk if you will, but it was entertaining for me. When I wasn't reading, I got to see some fun dancing. it only furthered my resolve to learn how to do it.

The next morning, I went to Mass with Katie's mother and siblings. After Mass, I had a rather large breakfast, said my goodbyes, and Dorothy and Wesley picked me up and drove me back to the airport. In the airport, I read more of the Summa, and even called Ken to ask him some questions about it.

I landed at BWI and was back at my apartment by about midnight. Am I ready to go to back to work? Not really...