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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Beautiful Mind

...and a beautiful movie. It is easily one of my new favorites. I was hooked over a year ago when I first heard one track of the soundtrack. The main theme (A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics) was so hauntingly beautiful. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack, and I knew that I had to see the movie.

The number of times that I've listened to soundtracks and then decided that I wanted to see a movie (like Star Trek Generations) or play the video game (like Final Fantasy VI) is ridiculously high. I am always able to get into a movie or game much better if I have heard the score or the soundtrack. And this this case, I really got pulled into the movie...

All the acting in this movie was simply fantastic. I'm no critic, but all of the performances were simply incredible! This is a must-see movie, and one that I will highly recommend to everyone. Of course, by "everyone", I mean the more grown-up audiences. Most children would probably be either confused by or terrified of the movie...
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