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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pretty normal weekend

This weekend, I didn't do a lot. It was nice. I went to Front Royal on Friday evening and watched Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope with Emma, Lizzie and Sarah. On Saturday morning, I went to choir practice, and then headed back to the apartment. Ken had called me to see what was going on, so I invited him and Alaina out that evening. Josh and Leslie were planning on coming over, and with Alex coming back to the apartment, we could all have a fun time.

I actually had to work on Saturday, so most of my day was spent sitting around. Later on in the evening, I got word from Ken, Alaina and Alex that they weren't coming, and shortly after that, Josh and Leslie called as well to say that they couldn't make it. They were flying out the next day on a vacation cruise, and they hadn't finished packing yet.

We had also planned to meet up at Glen Echo and go swing dancing. I arrived there at the very end of the practice, and I stuck around for a little while, but I left at about 10 PM. I was going to go to Front Royal that evening, but I ended up not going. I was pretty tired...

Early on Sunday morning, I drove down to Front Royal, went to Mass, went to all the choir practices and then went to Old St. Mary's for the Solemn High Tridentine Latin Mass. After that, I met up with Maria B., and we went out to grab a bite to eat. We got caught up on life in general, and then I drove back to my apartment.

Pretty plain weekend...
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