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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow. I finally got around to watching this movie. It's very good. I got really hooked into it.

Personally, I very seriously dislike druggies. Ray Charles was apparently hooked on heroin for a good part of his life. When he first started with the drugs, I saw it going downhill quickly, but I didn't turn off the movie. It showed his battle with drugs, and how he finally overcame them. He believed that he needed them to perform and make people like him. However, after he overcame his addiction, he still continued releasing hits, so that was a good thing for him.

This movie portrayed junkies in a different light. They are people who are addicted to a drug, and believe that they really need it. They cripple themselves with what they do. I still dislike junkies, but this movie showed me yet another instance where I need to hate the sin and not the sinner...
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