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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This was the movie I chose as a followup to get me back into my normal spirits. This was fun, but certainly not a great movie. It was well made and well produced, but the story is just kind of silly. There is no real character redemption, and there's also no explanation of the ability. You are just supposed to believe that a guy who happens to be a Jumper just discovers it at a certain point through the right mood / mindset / intention / etc. It was fun -- but suspend your disbelief and don't expect answers. There is a special feature on the disc ("Making an Actor Jump") in which they admit to purposely not explaining everything, and treating the movie as though it was the second in a series, and the first had already explained everything.

In my opinion? Whatever! Bring on the assumptions! That's the beauty of imagination! If your imagination doesn't have room in its corners for superheroes (if not entire worlds dedicated to the fantastic), then it needs work.
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