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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thoughts about driving

As I was driving in to my first site today, a thought crossed my mind after I let a guy into my lane.

"Why did I do that?"

I'm a jerk, to be honest. I don't like people pulling in front of me, especially people whom I don't know. I'll let anyone I know pull in front of me, but if I don't know the person, forget it!

Next question: "Why am I like that?"

It's one of my pet peeves! What if the person is slow? What if the person is drunk? What if I'm in a really big hurry and just can't wait 15 seconds to allow a person to merge in front of me?

"So? You're a good driver. Letting one person in front of you is not going to kill you. If anything, you'll be avoiding upsetting them. Calm down. You'll get to where you're going."


As I continued to ponder in this way, it occurred to me that I do very often let people in front of me, but usually only one, especially in a merging situation. If more than one attempts to get in, then I get really riled up.

At this point, the voice in my head was silent. I think I was smothering it, because I didn't want to hear it say: "What's the difference between letting in one person or letting in two? Or four? You're being a gentleman. Don't kill that."

I still haven't heard it say anything.
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