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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Follow up to Spem in Alium

There are a couple videos from the performances of Spem in Alium from yesterday.  One of them is posted on Fr. Z's blog:


This is a short video which includes snippets from all three performances.

Here is a video of the third and final performance of the day.

The choir who put this on is Chorus Sine Nomine (http://www.facebook.com/thechorussinenomine), but the people who showed up to sing this massive work represented groups such as Collegium Cantorum, the Suspicious Cheese Lords, Illuminare, Chantry, and others, and various parish choir and cathedral choir directors and members.

It was a phenomenal experience, and I hope to sing it again!  There are 7 more baritone lines to learn, as well as 8 bass lines, and 8 tenor lines.  I might have to learn them just for the heck of it.  :)
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