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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sedevacantists really know how to push my buttons...

People who claim the Pope is not the Pope based on how they feel, or the writings of some people who have some sort of secret knowledge, really know how to set me off. To me, this whole thing stinks of Gnosticism, which states either that you can't know or that there is secret knowledge, and it is only through the secret knowledge that the truth can be found. This is not how God works. He sent His Only Son to reveal the truth, not to set up some sort of cult where you only get in by secret handshake.

What I'd like to know is, who is the true Pope if Pope Francis is not he? Pope Francis and his predecessors were all the elected in the right way, and you can trace his primacy all the way back to St. Peter. You can find this information pretty much anywhere; there is no hiding of it, there's no secrecy, there's no hidden agenda. The current antipopes have no lineage, have no authority, and therefore should not be followed.

The only thing I'm speaking of here is the legitimacy of Pope Francis. If you don't like him, that's fine. He is still the Pope, and as such, we need to love him. We need to obey him in all things that are not sin. Just because you don't like what he says or you don't like him as a person doesn't make him a heretic, or a fake Pope, or for that matter not the Pope. If you denounce the Vicar of Christ, doesn't that mean you denounce Christ? If you say the Pope Francis is not your Pope, doesn't that put you outside of the Church, the one true Church established by Christ, outside of which there can be no salvation?

If you don't like what Pope Francis says, then you should discuss it, question it, investigate it, find out what he means. You shouldn't simply denounce him. Pray for him that he be preserved from error, and make sure that you don't speak ill of him or the authority in the Church in such a way as to cause scandal. God has given us the Authority in the Church in the same way that He has given us parents. If your parents are not good parents, they are still your parents, and they are to be respected and obeyed as such, in all things that are not sinful.

Think about it.
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