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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birthday singing for Lizzie

That was fun. I sped from the apartment to campus to practice with the guys again, especially considering it was our last time to practice before the main event. With the newest addition of Can't Buy me Love, I had Francis and myself on bass, M.C. on tenor, Draper on alto, and Paul on soprano. In two hours, we went from most of us not knowing it to almost performance perfect. That is some mad skill there! Sadly, we ran through it one more time right beforehand, and we decided that it couldn't be done well enough, so we scrapped it last minute. She requested it anyway, so she got the original Beatles version... :-D

The Longest Time went over really well (from my humble perspective) in practice. Ryan and I took leads, Paul and Draper had the high tenor, AJ and M.C. had the low tenor, Matt and TJ had the baritone, and Michael B. and Francis had the bass. it made for a nice balance and blend -- at least, I thought. I still get all the verses mixed up in my head, so I kept throwing Ryan off. Too all parties involved and otherwise affected and/or offended, my apologies!

The rest of the birthday singing went along pretty well, I guess. I wouldn't be the final judge of that, though...

And now that I'm back in the apartment, it's after 4:00 AM. I've fallen asleep so many times writing this post. I am going to bed.
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