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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Life has changed as we know it.

I'm married. The knot was tied on October 2, 2010, to a beatiful young lady named Christine C., whom I have written about before. I'll let you find her in this blog. Why should I have all the fun, right?

Oh, and we took a 10-day honeymoon in Savannah, GA.

Anyway, so after our wedding, we attended the wedding of John E. (aka, Jay) and Breana H. (both about whom have also written). Their wedding was in NH, on October 9, 2010. I was the goon in a tuxedo: a goonsman, as it were. The rest of the men in tuxedos were gentlemen.

After that, we went to St. Louis and sang at the wedding of Emma F. (whom I have also written about here) and Andy K. (whom I have never mentioned before now, but is such an awesome dude that I feel powerful bad saying those words). I got the honor of DJ'ing the wedding reception. This wedding occurred on October 16, 2010.

My honeymoon started on Thursday, October 21, in the evening, when Christine and I flew to GA. We landed in Altanta, visitied with her family until Saturday, drove to Savannah, and stayed there until Monday morning, November 1. We did a lot of sight-seeing, and Christine took lots of pictures. Savannah is a beautiful city, and pictures don't do it justice, but you'll get a hint of the granduer when we post them.

If we ever get around to posting them... :-D
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