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Monday, January 24, 2011

One more blog

Yeah, so I've decided something. I need to get in shape. And I need to do it now. This involves uprooting a lot of bad habits that I have allowed to settle into myself.

Why am I telling you this? Because I need YOU (yes, you, all my poor readers whom I love but never write for anymore) to keep my honest with myself! I need the encouragement to got into the gym and work my butt off. I need the motivation to tell me to put down the quick 'n' easy processed food and pick up the natural food.

Will you help me? Please? It won't be easy for me, and I've been working at it alone for a long time with no results. But, the ancient philosophers (I believe Plato stated it, and Socrates confirmed it) have stated that the best way to achieve the perfect balance within a human being is to strive for a balance of mind and body. I am trying to train my mind, but the body has gone by the wayside. No more.

Will you help me? Will you help an overweight generally strong but weak-minded and weak-willed individual achieve another of his personal goals?

If you REALLY want to get involved, ask for my phone number. I'll gladly give it to you. You can then call me for a status update.

If you would help me, I would be much more motivated to stay on track. There is no benefit to you, except perhaps maybe I can do this same thing for you.

The new progress blog will be started once I get my act together, but expect to see it soon.

God Bless!
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