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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The party

This weekend was a really busy one, again. I went to Old St. Mary's for Sunday morning Mass. On Sunday was Ken and Peter F.'s combined bachelor party. Alex S., Pat S., Josh K., Eric W., Pat M., Dane W., and Justin L. were all at Ken's house. We had a lot of fun just sitting around and talking while the grill was going. Eric and I got some wood in the forest for a bonfire -- that was fun...

As I left that evening to go home, my car had some problems. It ran like it had no power at all, and about four miles away from Ken's house, it just died. It looked like it just ran out of gas, so after calling Ken to see if we could push my car out of the road, I called Dane and he brought a gas can down. We put some gas into the car, and it started up, but it died very quickly again. Dane, Ken, and I pushed the car to a nearby mechanic, and left it there overnight.

Monday morning, I dropped the key off there, and then spent the day at Ken's house. Work was interesting, because there was one computer between the two of us, so after working for a couple hours, I went outside and mowed the yard.

On Tuesday morning, I went to the mechanic shop. They said that they couldn't find a problem with the car. The car fired right up, normal as anything. The Holy Souls were watching out for me on that one. I picked the car up, filled it up with gas, put some fuel line cleaner in it, just to be sure, checked the other fluids, and then went to work.

I love the Holy Souls. I highly recommend praying for them, because they'll return your generosity many times over...
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