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Thursday, November 10, 2005

...One more day...

So far this week I've worked straight 12 hours shifts. It has been so busy for me this week. So much to do and so little time.

Part of the problem is that I took last Friday off. So I'm still kind of playing catch-up from back then. One would think that it wouldn't require this much of said game, but I had a lot to do. Last Thursday proved to be my big test. I now "own" all of the major competitors in the particular field I'm in, plus a lot of the smaller ones. My immediate coworker, who will be assisting me (well, I will be assisting him -- he's the more experienced of us) in getting everything up to speed is currently so swamped with his own work that he has no free time to dedicate to the cause.

What cause? The "get Anthony out of owning all the RBOC's" cause.

Not that I mind it. I feel very special owning them all. They are the major players in my particular field of research. It's just that they are huge. I own a lot of smaller competitors who are nothing in comparison to these guys. In a way, I feel very honored that my company would trust me, the newest analyst, with this kind of data.

It's one of those things where I feel like a kid who has just been entrusted with his family's security. I'm standing there, accepting a beautifully crafted sword to defend the family (aka, the company) from the Huns (those who would like to see us go down the drain). How do I do this? Not by killing, but by using all the tools provided to make sure that everything I submit is 100% accurate.

Anyway, that was wierd...
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