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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Schneible Wedding

This weekend was awesome! A large contingent of Virginians traveled to western Ohio for Danny and Michele's wedding. Sarah, Carissa and I rode out there. Sarah rented a car, and she and Carissa took turns chauffeuring me -- I mean, driving.

We left at 6:30AM on Friday morning, arrived at about 2:30-3PM in Versailles, and spent the next couple hours walking around the town, checking out the sights, and just chatting back at the hotel. Dane, Ken and Alaina all showed up in a bit. Ken rushed into the room (in typical Ken style) -- he was supposed to be at the church an hour ago (not in typical Ken style), and was unaware of this until now. We took off to St. Remy in Versailles, about 10 minutes away. The choir then practiced, but the acolytes had, indeed, missed their practice. We had dinner and the choir began to practice.

The choir consisted of 3 basses, 2 tenors (I am honored to say that I was one of them), 4 altos and 2 sopranos. A bit unbalanced, but we sounded good together. After practicing for almost two hours, there was exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and a Holy Hour. After that, we went back to the hotel, and the festivities began. But I was so tired that I crashed within an hour of them started, so I just went to bed.

The wedding was Saturday at 1:30PM. The choir and acolytes arrived at the church at noon to practice. They were married at St. Rose's in Russia, OH. If I had pictures of the church or the wedding, I would post them. It was simply a magnificent church. It proves that not all the beauty has been stripped of the Catholic churches in America -- you just have to travel to find it. I've found few churches of this level of beauty. I was unable to get a good look around the church, but when I walked in, my jaw practically hit the floor. If you've been inside St. Athanasius in Baltimore and liked it, this one is very similar. So glorious.

Danny and Michele got married in the most glorious Latin Novus Ordo nuptial ceremony I've ever seen. The introduction music was unexpected, but so awesome. Scythian played the theme to The Last Of The Mohicans as the entrance music. At first, I questioned the music, why someone would play that, but as the music continued, I understood. I can't explain it, but it fit so very well, and contrary to my first thoughts, it did not diminish from the sacred event at all. It was a perfect choice for these two.

Their reception was held at a golf course not too far away. The food was excellent, the music was excellent, the entire thing was excellent. This was easily one of my favorite weddings to have ever attended.

We left the next morning after Mass. Christine rode back with us. It was a fun trip back. On the way back, when we got to Winchester, we stopped for dinner, and made it back to Front Royal by about 8:30PM.
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