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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, it's not even 3PM and I've already had a rather interesting day...

I e-mailed Leslie last week, because I remembered that she had asked me to get in touch with her about the Madrigal Singers -- three months ago. Anyway, today was a concert in Front Royal at the gazebo at noon, and practice before this was at 10:30AM...

I meant to get up at 5:45AM, because Our Lord was exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, and I had hope to get in an hour. I was pretty tired last night, to the point that if I had gone, I would have gone and fallen asleep in the peace and quiet of the Church, and would probably have single-handedly broken the silence. Anyone who has ever seen me drift off to sleep when I'm not trying to (like sitting in class, or sitting at work, or kneeling/sitting/praying/reading/not-sleeping) knows what happens.

I'll use class as an example (since I just graduated not too long ago, these memories are still "fresh"): my eyes glaze over, and begin to close, my head starts doing a little dance, I take a deep breath, and I suddenly realize what's happening. I wake up, re-adjust my position, and really try look interested. I then try to grab a sentence that the professor has said, and really think about it. Most of the time, with my luck, after drifting that far, I grab a sentence as insignificant as, "Think about it." (Although there's nothing wrong or even insignificant with that sentence itself, it's hard to actually do so when the object is unknown.) This facade of being awake lasts for -- if I'm lucky -- about a minute, after which the same thing happens again, but a lot faster and a lot harder. I can catch it if I'm lucky, but usually I miss it. If I catch it, I'll wake myself up again, a lot more forcibly, but, as the saying goes, third time's the charm. Anyway, usually when I start going, my breathing gets a bit ... loud. It rarely goes up to the level of snoring (I hope!), but it's still noticeable.

Imagine doing this little routine in the middle of a silent church, with a number of other adorers in there, adorers who are not doing this. It's quite embarrassing, but whether I kneel, sit, or stand, I will fall asleep.

With this thought in mind, I did not go to adoration last night (I didn't sign up for it, so there was no obligation on my part), but I wanted to go this morning and then attend 7AM Mass.

I work up at 7:20AM. Figures... I set my alarm, but forgot to enable it.

I wandered around campus trying to amuse myself. It's hard to do at 7:30AM while the campus is asleep, except for those commendable people who are up early for Shield of Roses. I would have gone into the church for a while and prayed, but it was being cleaned, and I did not want to get in the way.

I found the '04-'05 yearbook in the Commons. I read that for an hour-and-a-half. It's a good yearbook. REALLY good. I commend Andy, Maria, and those who helped make it possible. And in spite of what the back says, I didn't do anything for it...

Choir practice lasted from 9:30-10:30AM. Madrigal practice lasted from 10:30-11:30AM. Concert at noon. I sucked it up at the concert. I was really bad. It's really bad, because I've sung these pieces three years running -- I should know them better. But I made some huge mistakes, which I think the rest of the section covered me on.

When I got back to campus, I walked into the Commons in my normal victory strut, was greeted with a very friendly and warm hello by a number of people: Bree, Eric, Colin O, Jenne, Claire, Sean, Nick and Andy (in no particular order). Here's where it gets interesting: Claire and Jenne asked me out. They said it would be fun to take me out. (Obviously no strings attached!) Of course, I accepted, because these two girls are fun, in a crazy kind of way. They're really cool. :) And besides, having fun with cool people without me spending money? {thinks hard} Ok. Twist my arm...

I stopped by Kevin's for a few minutes. They've got some fun toys over there -- sweet Aerosoft (sp?) guns, multiple computers, etc. What can you say? Those guys are awesome. Colin M showed me the DVD cover for the movie that his group wrote, directed, and produced. The movie is called Discretion. I still have not seen this movie, but everyone who has seen it and told me anything about it has had extremely high ratings. It stars the main Christendom actors. Why? Because the people at Christendom could probably give modern actors a run for their money, that's why.

I realized that both the Nissan and the Acura need their oil changed. I'm going to run and do that now.
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