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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A wonderful joke!

I heard this joke from MikeE, a very good friend of mine. With his permission, I posted it here. I edited it slightly from its original version, just so I could actually post it. You'll be able to tell where I edited it.

This good friend can be found at The Perpetual Bachelor. He cracks me up. And, ladies, he's unattached!!!

+ + +

A squad of Marines were driving up the highway between Basra and Baghdad. They came upon an Iraqi soldier badly injured and unconscious. Nearby, on the opposite side of the road, was an American Marine in a similar, but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert.

As first aid was given to both men, the Marine was asked what had happened. The Marine reported; "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway. Coming south was a heavily armed Iraqi soldier."

"What happened then?" the corpsman asked.

"I yelled to him that Saddam Hussein was a miserable person, and he yelled back: 'Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton are miserable people'.

"We were standing there shaking hands when a truck hit us."
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