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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Out with the girls

I went out with Jenne L. and Claire R. today. Peach (Peter S.) joined us as well, which was probably better. One guy with two girls? It could look a little funny.

It was loads of fun! We went potato-chipping at the Route 11 factory. This consisted of watching them make potato chips and trying them afterwards. It's really fascinating. There's an industrial-sized blender that they all go through which slices the potatoes up to the chip sizes, and pours these slices right into a vat of a deep-fat frier. They cook for about ten minutes, during which time they are stirred with a rake. Then, the chips are scooped out, and they dry off almost instantly. The men then sort through them, quickly pulling out the burned chips, and seasoning the rest.

We had some of the fresh batch. They were really good! Claire and Jenne bought a few bags of the yummy goodness, and we took off.

After that, we went to Wendy's and got food. Oh, and since it was snowing, we had a picnic at the gazebo. Have you ever done this? It was really cold! But it was fun!

After that, we walked down Main Street, with them playing my "girlfriends". Jenne played the clingy girlfriend. As the video was shot, she clung tightly to my arm, hinting at marriage and long lives together. Claire played the wierd one. She played the role of the sheltered girl who had seen all of her friends do the arm-in-arm thing, but had never done it herself, and was very clumsy. The third video was me with both of them. If I had a seam, I'm sure I would have torn.

I should probably mention that some onlookers looked at us kind of funny, but they seemed to enjoy the spectacle.

Our final stop was in Faithful and True, the Catholic store in town. I picked up a statue of the Child Jesus, a small, golden-framed image of Our Lady, and a small crucifix and a chain to put it on. After that, we headed back to Christendom, just in time for Peach to get to work.
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