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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day with the girls

Yesterday, Alex S., MikeE, and I went to the girls' house for Valentine's Day. It was really fun. Sarah H., Carissa B., and Christine C. went out of their way to fix us some great food, and we went out of our way to eat it all. :-D

All? Ok, there was too much for us to eat all of it, but we did some pretty significant damage anyway. :)

After dinner, we went downstairs and played "Love Darts" or whatever that game is called where you throw a ball at a target and you have to do whatever it says on the target. I went first, but since I was the only person down there and I threw it on, "Tell someone their three greatest features", it was easy to compliment myself. Next up was MikeE. His first shot was, "Wild". He got to choose what he wanted to do, namely sit on the couch and pass off the balls to someone else. Alex threw them and landed on "Hold someone's hand and sing to them", so Carissa was the victim.

The game got old pretty quickly. We fired up a movie, and ended the night with a comedy. After ten rounds of, "I really should go," we finally left.

Thanks, girls, for a great night!
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