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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Performance

I got up kind of early today. In spite of the daylight savings time change, I managed to get to Liturgy on time for the procession of the cross this morning, and I joined the choir to chant.

After this, I went to work to print out directions to the place where I was acting the role of butler for preview of the movie. Then I went back to the apartment, changed into my four-button tux, gray vest, and new shoes -- if I do say, I looked spiffy. :)

After I got to DC, I couldn't go right in -- I had to wait for a bit. I wandered around DC in my tux getting funny glances. It was loads of fun for me. It's not every day that I get to dress in formal wear and walk around DC for the fun of it.

I managed to get inside the theater about 4:30 PM (I got into DC about 3:15 PM -- I was entertaining myself during that time), and the shows were just about to start. Babar and I had coordinated plans beforehand. We had decided that while did the introduction, he was going to say that this evening is special, because his butler is attending the show, which has never happened before. I stood up and announced my presence, and people applauded. Babar continued talking, as if to drone on for a couple more minutes, but I cut him off, saying that the shorter he makes his introduction, the sooner we can begin the ceremonies. He grinned and left the stage. I think the audience got a kick out of that comment.

His preview was pretty interesting. It looks like a fun movie. After this preview, two others, and into the fourth preview, he called me out, and we got everything set up for the Q&A session, where I would actually be present with him on stage. (This is the part that we had actually practiced for.) First, we couldn't get a straight answer on where the session was going to be held. When we finally got that nailed down (half-an-hour after we thought it would start), we then had to wait for the Q&A session to start. We thought we would start around 6 PM, at the latest. At 7:15, we were still waiting. We did finally get the word that we were ready to go for the Q&A session, so Babar and I went backstage. We sat around for about ten minutes. The movie ended, and then we got word that since everything was running so far behind, the Q&A session got canceled. We weren't too happy about that (especially since Babar had guests waiting for the Q&A session), but what else could we do? I packed up everything, helped Babar get all his stuff back to his car, and then headed home.

I gave Mom a call once while waiting for the Q&A session to start, and then on the way back to the apartment. When I arrived back at the apartment, I changed into my PJ's and watched another couple episodes of Band of Brothers, an HBO miniseries -- it's quite good. I'll write more about it when I finish it all up...
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