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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Palm Sunday weekend

On Friday evening, I went to Holy Transfiguration for the Presanctified Liturgy, and then drove out to Christendom. I got there just about 1:00 AM -- I would have driven there first thing in the morning, but I had to be there for choir practice at 9:00 AM, and I knew that I would never be able to get up on time, so I chose to go drive there and sleep in Front Royal instead.

Before practice, Michael and I practiced the gradual, Christus Factus Est. After that, choir practice went well -- at least, I thought it did, but I've been proven wrong many many times. We practiced the responses for the Passion Gospel by St. Luke, and then we were done.

After this, I had choir practice in town from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It was with a different set of guys, some of whom I have sung alongside before. I think that one also went well. Draper and M.C. will be singing with that group on Easter as well, but they were unable to attend that practice.

After that, I went back to Christendom on my way out of town. I had to pick up some vestments to take to the dry cleaners. I only found one next to some directions, so I grabbed it and headed out. On my way there, I called the cleaners -- it's a good thing that I did, because they were closed, and they were all the way out in Arlington.

I then went to Vespers at Holy Transfiguration, and after that, went back to Front Royal, because of Palm Sunday -- I could not be late on Sunday, and if I slept at the apartment, I would do just that: be late on Palm Sunday.

That night, the guys went to sing at Bridget R.'s window for her birthday. Being a little paranoid about April Fool's Day, I checked to make sure that it actually was her birthday. I called TJ and Matt, and I also checked on Facebook. All three of them agreed that it was her birthday, so I took it that she wasn't trying to pull an early April Fool's Day joke on me and joined the guys to sing for her.

Palm Sunday Mass went well -- or, so I think. I guess that I should say that I don't remember anything bad about the music. There was only one spot that I recall sounding a little odd, but I don't think it was all that noticeable...

After Mass, I was invited to Sarah H.'s house for brunch, so I joined Christine, M.C., Emma, and J.D. at her place. Following this, we had to go back to campus for the Palestrina Choir practice.

Immediately after the Palestrina choir practice, I went to the gym, and TJ D. and Lisa H. once again went through the basics of dancing with me, while I acted like a monkey and generally fumbled through the entire lesson. I have such a hard time remembering dance moves, most especially how they start...

I then headed back to the apartment. Eric invited me to his place for WrestleMania 23, and this is one sporting event that I did not want to miss. Alex came along, and it looked like he was enjoying himself, even though he wasn't as much into wrestling as the rest of us were. I guess it's like me at a football game though. I'm there for the company and the fun times, not so much for the game.

We got back to the apartment about 11:30, and I went right to bed. I meant to get up early (like 6:00 AM) the next morning to go to the gym, but I was unable to. Call me lazy, but I was exhausted. I think it was all the sleeping on couches over the weekend...
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