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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday and the Baptism

Well, little Kenny Jr. is no longer a catechumen (or innocent heathen, depending upon how you look at the situation). He was baptized yesterday, making him one of the youngest official members of the Church.

After Mass and Palestrina choir practice, JD, Justin, Emma and I went out to Jalisco's for a late lunch before the baptism at 3:45 PM. Emma and I hurried over to the church, and were there about ten minutes before the Baptism, so I helped Ken and Andy C. set up for it. Little Kenny was not too pleased with being bathed twice in one day, so he was a little cranky for the rest of the day...

After the Baptism, we were socializing in the foyer of the church. I saw both Ken's and Alaina's parents, whom I haven't seen in quite some time. At one point, I felt a hand playing with my hair to see how long it was. I snapped back quickly and grabbed it to catch the person in the act, only to be embarrassed by the fact that it was Alaina's mother. It was very embarrassing, but I think that she took it well.

All of us then went over to Ken and Alaina's house and had a bit of cake and more socializing to celebrate the newest addition to the Church. After a little while, Emma, Sarah and I took off. We went back to St. John's to pick up Sarah's car, and then Emma drove back to campus, where I got my car from M.C. After that, I met up with Sarah, Dane, and Pat & Laura S. at Jalisco's. The same waiter that served the table I was at the first time served us again.

After my second meal of the day at Jalisco's, I went back to the apartment, and to sleep.
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