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Sunday, April 08, 2007


I arrived at Holy Transfiguration for the feast of Pascha just before 9:00 PM. Everything began at 10:00 PM. I brought the two pans of the pasta concoction, my apron (the white one that I got after Dad passed away), and my coat, because I heard it was going to be cold. I reviewed all the music, and was about as ready as I'd ever be.

The Hajmat began at 10:00 PM. It was chilly outside, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way. The people all gathered outside, and the priest read the Gospel proclaiming the resurrection of Christ. Then he knocked on the doors of the church, the doors were opened, and he went inside, followed by the clergy, acolytes, choir and congregation. Normally, I'm always taken in by seeing the church brightly lit up with all the lights swinging as a symbol of the earthquake and the Resurrection, but this time it didn't even occur to me. I was just in a hurry to return to the front of the church with the choir.

We burned through all the Orthros prayers for which I had prepared. I had not practiced them fast enough at all. I need to remember this, so that next year I will be able to keep up cleanly, instead of fumbling every other note...

After Liturgy, I got out of the church fairly quickly, grabbed my apron and headed straight into the kitchen. I spent a little bit of time preparing food for service or other small miscellaneous tasks, then more time cutting up ham, but the rest of the evening was spent doing dishes. I've very glad that I had my apron...

After the party was over and the cleanup was done, I drove Hugh back to his place. We arrived there at about 3:30 AM. I slept there in his guest room, and at 7:15 AM, I was awake, because at 7:30, I had to head out to go to Old St. Mary's to be at the 8:00 AM schola practice. Mass there was at 9:00 AM. I was glad to be there, because I got to sing all the chant pieces with a schola that I knew well before going to St. John's and singing them again with their new schola for the 12:30 PM Tridentine.

I arrived at St. John's in time to hear their choir sing Sicut Cervus during Communion for the 10:30 AM Mass. I was very impressed to hear it done outside of Christendom, and these guys also did not have the usual "church choir" sound. Being a bit biased, I would say that they are not on par with Christendom's choir, but they are definitely one of the best church choirs that I've ever heard. It also helps that they had Christendom choir members in the choir (Julianna K., Draper W., and Ryan O.), and that they were being conducted by a music professional, Julia A., who is going to C.U.A., I believe...

After that Mass, Draper and I got together and practiced the Gradual, Haec Dies. Fortunately, it was the second time that I'd sung it that day, so I wasn't too worried about it. When Draper and I actually sang it, I did make one mistake, but I caught it one note later and corrected it. Thank goodness for schola experience. The rest of Mass was pretty much normal, except that I also sang the Solemn Tone Regina Coeli for Communion.

After all this, I saw Ken and Alaina, as well as Theresa McG., who I haven't seen in quite a while. I then went to Christine C.'s house and met up with her, Michael, Emily, Lizzie, and Katherine to help prepare dinner. Jonathan D. and Dr. P. showed up later on, and we had a fun time, but then the toll of my liturgical triple header caught up with me, and I decided that now would be a good time to head back to the apartment. I swung by Sarah's long enough to wish her Happy Easter again (as well as Draper, Dane W. and Pat and Laura S.) and to pick up my leftovers from Holy Transfiguration.

Oh, and out of two large pans, about 1/3 of the concoction was left.

Have a most Happy and Blessed Pascha, everyone! Christ Is Risen! Christos Anesti! Christus Surrexit!
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