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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anything new?

Well, today has been an interesting day. I went to the Basilica of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, where I had a job interview. It seemed to go well. I'm a poor judge of character, though, and goodness knows how bad I am at reading people, so for all I know, it could have gone pretty badly. What I do know is that, if I get the job, as much as I may love it . . .

. . . I will hate the commute.

I hate driving in DC. This feeling of ... unpleasantness ... reared its ugly head when I pulled out of the basilica parking lot and I was already lost. Oh, heck, what am I talking about? I hadn't even left the lot. I pulled up the exit, looked at my mapquest directions, and was immediately lost. It's starting point was not the basilica. It said to take 4 south towards harewood. Aside from the fact that it was overcast, so I could not tell which way was south, I was already ON harewood. How was I supposed to take 4 to harewood?

I was on 400 Michigan Ave, in Washington DC, just in case you want to follow the path I took...

Well, looking at a map now, I went all over where I was not supposed to go, and missed the one street I was supposed to take...

OK, if you're looking at a map, and I recommend http://maps.google.com, there's a parking lot right at the northwest corner of Michigan and Harewood. Perhaps you understand my immediate dilemma. Pulling out of a parking lot onto something other that 4th (where it says to begin) was less than exciting. Anyway, I took Harewood north (I argued if that direction was actually south, which I thought it was.) It dead ends into a street, where I could not see the name of the street. I turned right, hoping it was Lincoln Road. I took it to 8th (because that was the first sign that wasn't hidden so I actually figured out that I was on the wrong street), did a U-Turn using 7th, and headed back to the basilica. When I reached the basilica, I turned right onto Michigan (because the street signs in DC are so obvious that anyone can see them) . I was immediately faced with right or left -- once again, no obvious street signs. I took Irving, finding out in a couple blocks that the street I was on was named Irving, and realizing that I was indeed, lost -- at that point, I just drove, and followed any street names I recognized.

If I ever design a city, which I will never do, I will never hire anyone but a logical person to lay out my streets. No hidden symbolism. No evil street shapes which later have to be re-designed. My city will make sense. Some of you may know what I'm talking about. Others -- do your homework. Look for an inverted pentagram in the design of the city streets. Then you'll see the obvious flaws in the design. The shape is not immediately obvious, but it's there.

Darn cult.


All I can say is that it's a good thing I had a friend in the car with me who knew how to get there. I would have gotten lost on the way over, too.

So, commute aside, all things considered, it looks like a good job. I would be eager to take it, but something is bugging me about it. It feels like the same kind of bug that I get when I'm about to do something I regret later, like turn left on this unnamed street, instead of right, or turn when I should go straight for another block or two.

Yeah, I'm probably going to be dwelling on that for a while...

Aside from that, there's nothing going on in my life. I'm still mortified about last night's post. That's just really weird... I still can't believe that I wrote that song-and-dance. How embarassing... Fortunately, I can say that I spent absolutely no time on it, so I didn't waste much time, except for that in typing it, and I spent few brain cells on that. That's the part I'm worried about though. My brain cells are few and far between, and are more valuable to me that just writing dumb stuff like that... :)

Well, it's time to call it a night. Good night, and God Bless you all!
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