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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Odd mental things

Sometimes, when I am lying in bed, eyes closed, waiting to fall asleep, I get an odd sensation. I get dizzy, and all sense of proportion is lost. If I try to picture anything, be it a living being like a person, or somethin inert like concrete steps, they are abnormally huge, but they are either broad and "stout", or tall and really thin. There is no medium, no sense of normal.

I also hear the sound of a great fan blowing, but it is in super-slow motion, and my ear is about 1/2 inch from the blades. I can hear each "whoosh" as the blades pass by. I can hear someone shouting at me, but it seems like they are very far away, yet inside my ear all at once.

It happens most often when I am on my back, pillow under my head, and a fan blowing on me, usually from above my head. If I remove one of these elements -- if I lie on my side, place the fan differently, or remove the pillow -- it stops, and I cannot recall it as clearly as I did before. The removal of the fan has the least effect, the removal of the pillow has the second, and my moving around entirely causes it to go away. Oddly enough, if I stand right up from the flat-on-my-back position, my sense of proportion is still out of whack, so everything seems to be too far away to grab, or that I'm right next to it.

Weird, huh?
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