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Monday, July 24, 2006

Richmond weekend

Alaina's birthday party was on Friday. I went down and had a fun time with a good group of people. No, I didn't get Alaina any "gifts", just in case you're wondering. I think three nightgowns is plenty in the way of that!

Dr. Poterack, Draper and I practiced some chants for the first Tridentine Mass at St. John's in town, as well as for the Institute happening next weekend. Practice went pretty smoothly. I can't complain. Dr. Poterack mentioned to me that he was going to Richmond the next day, and asked if I wanted to go. He told me that he was going to the Tridentine Mass out there at their church. I'd heard good things about it, so I decided that I'd go.

That evening, we fired up Nanny McPhee at Dane's apartment. John and Paul E., Ryan, Maria, Jon, Sarah, and (I think) one more person watched it with us. Just as before, it was a riot. It was a movie that everyone seemed to love.

...I still can't believe that he would almost marry such a woman...

The next morning, Dr. Poterack and I drove out to Richmond, VA, and went to St. Joseph's FSSP parish for Mass. Their choir was good, but I've heard better. For a parish choir, you can't really complain!

We stopped at a friend of Dr. Poterack's house, and had coffee and coffee cake. Woah! I haven't had the combination of the two ever. I love coffee, and I love coffee cake. Up until then, I knew there was a reason why the cake had the name "coffee" attached to it, but I'd never mixed the two. Call me silly if you will, but it was really good!

On the drive back, we took an accidental 60 mile detour. We headed south on 95 instead of North. For a few miles I was wondering why we were never getting any closer to our destination, and, in fact, North Carolina cities were showing up on the distance boards. I finally realized that we were, in fact, going the wrong way. We got some gas, and drove back the way we came. About two hours later, we made it back to Front Royal.

There was a barbecue at the girl's house which I went to. But I was really tired, so I didn't really participate in much of anything aside from the food. I know, I know, I'm a bum...

Before I left for home, I hung out at Guardian Angel for a little bit and talked to John and Paul E. I finally left much later than I had intended...
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