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Monday, July 17, 2006

Third wedding & weekend stuff

On Friday afternoon, Ken, Alaina, Mike P. and I drove out to Delaware for the wedding of Mike (not P.) and Maria B. The drive was about two hours, and we were there in time for choir practice.

Christine C. directed the choir. Christine, Jacinta S., and Alaina F. were the soprano section, Christina D., Lydia T., and Clare F. were the alto section, Mike P. and David R. were the tenor section, and Tom C., Chris L. and I were the basses. We practiced before the reception dinner, and then again after that. The dinner was great. I wish I could cook like that.

After the second practice, Grant F., Mike P., and I had a couple beers with the soon-to-be groom around midnight. It was fun. I didn't ever drink with Grant while he was at Christendom, and I hadn't really met Mike (not P.), so this was a first for me, pretty much all around.

The next day, Saturday, the wedding took place at St. Thomas Church in Wilmington, DE. It was an awesome wedding, followed by a really fun reception. At the reception, there was a lot of singing and dancing, including the Virginia Reel (of course). When the songs began, Grant, Brendan M., Chris, Mike P., and a crowd of people joined in. Good old Irish songs -- everyone knows them all. Well, almost everyone. I don't... :)

After the reception, Ken, Alaina, Mike and I drove back to Virginia. I fixed dinner for them when they dropped me off at the apartment.

On Sunday, I went to Holy Transfiguration. This was the first time that I sang with their choir. I had a lot of fun singing -- who wouldn't? After Divine Liturgy, I headed back to the apartment, and from there, I drove to Front Royal.

On the way to Ken and Alaina's house, I got into a small wreck. When I was driving along 55, the car two cars in front of me stopped to turn left -- he had to wait for oncoming traffic. I didn't see him stop, nor the guy in front of me. In an instant, I weighed all my options: slamming on the brakes didn't work, because the wheels just locked, and since I was going downhill, I skidded. My other options were to turn left or right. Left led me into oncoming traffic -- equally as bad as slamming into the guy in front of me. Rigth led me into a mountain. Right was the safest option. The mountain tore up my bumper and threw off my car's alignment, but that's about it.

When I got to Ken's house, I was the first one there. Brendan and Susan showed up eventually, followed by Dane, Pat, Mike, and basically everyone else. I stayed relatively late, and just before I left, Ken and Alaina had an announcement to make: "Kids, your mother and I have something to tell you. We're pregnant."

Well, to be accurate, Alaina is pregnant. Even though it can be said that "they are pregnant", don't get me wrong: Ken will not show any indication of being pregnant until after nine months, at which point, it will probably be his turn to carry around the little rascal for nine months...
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