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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Baby B.'s Baptism

I went to Holy Transfiguration on Sunday morning for the baptism of little Daniel Athanasius B. I had been trying to convince Ryan O. that he's gotta com to Holy T. at some point, and so he finally decided that he was going to come today. Quite a good thing, too, because he got to witness a Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion all in one day for one person. :)

Ryan and Maria showed up at the apartment early in the morning, and we drove out to Holy Transfiguration together. After the liturgy, Ryan drove back to the apartment, and then he and Maria took the Acura out for a test spin. They liked it, so it's pretty certain that Ryan will be buying the Acura. Now I need to get a couple things done to it before I can sell it, and then fix up the Nissan...

After hanging out at the apartment for a while, I drove down to Front Royal. The family was holding a party for their baby's baptism, and I was invited. I showed up bearing gifts of cookies and other things that are yummy, but I'm sure aren't as good for you as one would hope. But, hey, it's a baptism party! Live it up!

I went back home fairly early, actually getting back before 10PM. Sweet! I crashed early...
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