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Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy weekend

Late on Friday night, I went to the girls house, and chatted for a while. On Saturday, I drove Jonathan D. out to pick up his new car, a 2000 BMW 740IL. It's a very sweet car -- I'm actually thinking about getting one, even though I've been sold on Caddy for some time -- thank you, Uncle Nelson...

I did some car searching: I looked around the same lot where I brought JD, and I also went to Carmax. I was still looking around for an FJ or a Prius, but I was wide opn to other options. I saw a few cars that basically sold me, but since I was in no position to buy that day, I kept the cars in mind, and thanked the gentleman for his time.

I then went to Aunt Carmen's for dinner. I had spoken to her earlier in the day about what she and Barry were doing later on. I went to her place, and gave her a picture of Dad. Then we sat around and talked for a while, had dinner, and watched television. Once we got started on the Discovery channel and prehistoric creatures, I was hooked. About 11 PM, I finally said that I really had to go, in spite of the fact that there was another prehistoric creature show on...

On the way back, I called Mom. We talked for about 45 minutes or so, and I told her about all the "fun" things that I'd been doing recently.

On Sunday, there was the first Tridentine Mass at St. John's in Front Royal. It went well. Dr. P. directed Draper and myself in the schola, and that also went over rather well.

I then went out to Winchester for Josh & Leslie's marriage affadavit. While I was waiting for the priest to show up, I spent some time in the perpetual adoration chapel. It was really nice getting away from everything for a few minutes. :) When I left, Father still wasn't there, so I walked to the rectory and delivered the affadavit.

After that, I went to the girls' house, where there was a party going on. Christine, Carissa, Sarah, Alex, MikeE, Ken, Alaina, Paul E., and Dr. P were all there. Before it got too late, though, I drove back home, got there about 11:30 PM, just in time for me to go to bed and start a new week...
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