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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

John Tucker Must Die

This little teeny-bopper movie actually wasn't that bad. It was, in my opinion, extremely humorous, except some people I know would call a lot of the humor in it "inappropriate". In spite of that little fact, it's a hilarious movie. The guy who played Jogn Tucker is a very good actor. The bitter girls are also acted well. I think that since John Tucker is a lot like me (in his popularity, in his studliness, in his ability to impress all the ladies like there is no tomorrow, in the fact that I'm lying my big blue pahookie off right now about these similarities), I actually began to feel sorry for him. Not that he didn't deserve it -- I think he deserved everything that he got.

However, the fact that he was able to play off everything made me like his character that much more. Along the same lines, I also like the main girl who knew that she was going too far and eventually backed off, even though by that point it was too late.

I'd recommend this movie to people who enjoy teeny-bopper movies. If you're not sure, give this movie a shot, anyway. You might be surprised...
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