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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First weekend of the semester

That is for Christendom students, not me. I had to take advantage of this, and go down to Front Royal to visit everyone. Alex and I drove down in the morning, him to see Ashley and me to go to choir practice in preparation for the first Mass of the semester with Bishop Paul S. Loverde. After practice (which was about two hours), Alex, Ashley and I headed back out to Herndon, where we fired up V for Vendetta. About 6:20 PM, I headed out the door for Holy Transfiguration, so that I could sing at Vespers.

When I got there, Vespers was over. It did not start at 7:00 PM as I thought it did, but at 6:00 PM. I felt like such a fool, but it wasn't my fault. I just got the times mixed up.

Well, I headed out of there after grabbing a quick bite to eat, and went to confession at St. Veronica's. Then I went back to the apartment. I should have gone to sleep right then, but I didn't. I stayed up late doing who-knows-what again.

I regretted this the next morning, when I woke up and barely had time to get everything together before choir practice began -- not to mention the fact that I still had to drive from Herndon to Front Royal. I didn't get there until close to Mass time.

After Mass, I had brunch with Draper, then a large group of us went outside and sang for a while. It felt good to do that, especially after a summer of only Gregorian and Eastern Chant.

After that, I went to the guy's apartment (Guardian Angel: Dane, Jon, John, and Paul) and hung out there for a while. Dittert and I drove out to Ken's place for a barbecue, and then to the barn dance to mingle with the newcomers. After that, we went back to the apartment, where I fired up xXx for John, Jon, Dane, Paul, and Breanna. I really enjoyed that movie. Others didn't so much, because of the music. I can understand. I love all kinds of music, whereas almost everyone else there prefers much nicer music...

I arranged to spend the night there and work from the apartment on Monday. Just as I planned, I got up and worked very smoothly. At 11:00-ish, I went to Christendom to attend the Memorial Mass for Will Davulis. The church was almost packed.

That afternoon, when I finished with work, I went to the store and bought ingredients for spaghetti, alfredo, and some beef to mix in there. Yeah, I cooked dinner, and no one has died -- yet...

After that, I took off for home, after swinging by Dr. Poterack's office to see if he had any music for me to practice for next week. He didn't, so I went home, and went to sleep.
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