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Monday, August 28, 2006

Chorus, by Mirandum Pictures

This was overall a good movie, although I was really confused for most of it. The plot ran around itself and kept throwing in a few more twists, but that's part of what made it good, even if it was confusing...

The producer was Dr. Patrick K. of Christendom College, the director was Colin M., the script writer and assistant director was Mike P., and the man in charge of sound was Nick M. These four men had a vision, and their vision looked great. :) The future of Mirandum Pictures looks bright.

Anna S. did an amazing job of freaking me out. She has this look in the movie that could make your blood run cold, if you can figure her out. Otherwise, she looks innocent enough. I spent most of the movie trying to figure her out...

Laura S. also did an amazing job. Her character was great -- her portrayal of stress, of commitment, of, well, her entire character was very well done. I was very impressed.

Annie C., Joe. P., Julian A., Mike P., Colin M., and everyone else in the movie also did a great job. I was really impressed with the quality of everything for a low-budget independent film. I'm looking forward to their next full length motion picture.

I should make one small addendum: everyone did a wonderful job, except this one crazy lunatic driver. I mean, good gravy, he couldn't even keep his eyes on the road! I hope I never have to be in a car with him...
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