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Monday, September 04, 2006

Busy weekend

On Friday, since it was First Friday, there was Holy Hour at Christendom. I actually made it in time for the choir practice and the Holy Hour. It's been a while, and I really needed to get away from the pressures of the world, and escape into the quiet of the church...

After this, a large group of us went to Spelunkers for ice cream. It consisted of most of the select choir. We got there about 8:30 PM, and sat around chatting and being silly until about 9:30. After that, I headed back to the apartment.

Saturday was spent prepping for a party. Alex and I had decided that we needed to have a party at the apartment, first of all to get the place cleaned up (because it was a mess) and also show off the new furniture and dishes what we had bought when Pat moved out. Saturday morning, Josh, Alex, and I went to Costco and purchased the food. We basically walked into the store without much of an idea of what we wanted to do. We landed upon a hunk of pork, and built from there. We bought pineapple, BBQ sauce, honey, and some other stuffings. We ordered a pizza for lunch, since we hadn't had anything to eat yet. The afternoon was spent cleaning up the place...

On Sunday, after Mass and the select choir practice, Josh and I drove back to the apartment. Josh began cooking, and Alex and I made the finishing touches on cleaning up the place. I completely forget to get parking tags, so I had to drive people from a distant parking lot to the apartment. Lizzie and Emma were the first to show up, followed by MikeE, Carissa, Ken, Alaina, and Sarah. We ate, played some videos online, played Apples-to-Apples, and also sat around chatting. The party went pretty late, and the people left (oddly enough) in the same order that they arrived.
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