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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Buffalo Wild Wings

Last night, I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings, on a kind of an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment get-together. Ken, Alaina, Sarah, Alex and I had dinner over there. Not too long into the evening, who should show up, but birthday boy himself, Ryan O, escorted by the lovely Maria. We made room for them at the table, and Alex regaled us with stories of his family. 'Twas fun, until karaoke night started. We were all over 21, except Maria, and, thus, she couldn't stay. Fortunately for us, we were all ready to go at that point, especially when the karaoke-ers began crooning their tunes, proving to the world that there are worse singers than I...

After paying quickly in order to speedily evacuate the premises, we followed through with our plans (evacuating the premises), and stood around outside. Ryan and Maria toked up a couple cigarettes outside, and Alex offered Ryan a real cigarette, a man's cigarette: the unfiltered camel. Maria gave Alex one of the worst looks I've ever seen her give when Ryan commented on how wonderful this real cigarette was, and how smoking the regular cigarettes just wouldn't cut it anymore.

Peter K. and Denny P. also showed up at BWW's. Peter was on crutches, having twisted his ankle rather badly running down some stairs away from a girl. (She was probably a cannibal and ravenous -- I can't think of any other reason for Peter to run from a girl...) Denny was ... well, I guess he was OK. He was quiet. They went inside a couple minutes later after we all got briefly caught up with each other.

After that, we all went our separate ways. At that point, I went to go claim my pants from Ken and Alaina's car. Alaina swore that those pants weren't there when she got out of the car. It turns out that I had asked Ken to take a look around for 38x34 jeans, and he had found them. They weren't cargo, but they were carpentar, and those would work pretty well. After picking those up, I went back to Herndon, and fell asleep on the couch doing whatever it was I was doing. I woke up about 20 minutes later to Alex telling me to go to bed. He's a wise man...
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