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Monday, September 18, 2006

Another busy weekend

Marc-Pierre J., Christendom's Man of International Leisure, got married on Saturday. I sang with the Christendom Select Choir (that's the name until we settle on an official one) for that wedding. Fr. Anthony M. flew down NJ to say the Mass, and flew back almost as soon as it was done. I really wish that he could stay for longer, but even if he did, I'd probably not get much of a chance to chat with him. I talked to him for about a minute as we walked up to the church, and that's about the longest that I've talked to him as of late...

The choir then went out and had lunch. It was a fun time -- as usual, we talked about everything from roller coasters (I contributed to that) to intelligent and scholarly things (I did not contribute to that).

That evening, I wanted to go to Holy Transfiguration for Vespers, especially because I missed it last week, but I couldn't, because we had choir practice that evening at Sarah and Christine's. Sadly, the only choir people there that evening were Alaina, Sarah, Christine and me -- we couldn't really do much, mostly because all four of us already know the pieces that we're singing, and also a four-part choir sounds a little funny with only three parts (two soprani, one alto, and one bass). So instead of practicing, the four of us and Ken sat around, talked, acted goofy as all heck, and generally got a good amount of silliness out of our systems. Once we got it out of our systems, that wasn't the end because the silliness was gone -- it was the end because it was past midnight, and I opted to leave. For all I know the silliness continued well after I left...

  • Silly: Have you ever seen Christine bouncing on a stability ball, wearing sunglasses, and playing Scrabble, all at the same time?
  • Silly: Have you ever seen Ken and me dance like crazed clubbers around either Sarah or Christine (I forget who it was)?
  • Silly: Have you ever seen Alaina in a jingly skirt?
  • Silly: Sarah exists.

  • I spent the night at Dane's, so on Sunday morning, I wasn't too late for choir practice... Mass was as usual, and then I had to run out to town to get some cash. Sunday was Pat's bachelor party, consisting of paintball and a get-together at the McM.'s house, and I needed a little bit of money for the events. But before all that, the Christendom Select Choir had its practice.

    Before that practice, I ran out and changed into an almost-event-appropriate attire: my camouflage pants, green shirt, and green sweatshirt. After the practice, Ryan and I headed out for paintball. Half-way there, I realized that I had forgotten my sweatshirt, so the paintballs would come into direct (and blazing fast) contact with my skin.

    There were close to thirty guys there, all friends and family of the Mighty Pat. I got my gun and joined the orange team, which had the man of the hour on it. Sadly, we won only one out of six matches, but it was still fun. In retrospect, the place was the same one that I went to my freshman year, and, oddly enough, Pat was there, too, and also, oddly enough, he was on my team back then, too. Conspiracy? Probably not, but if it sounds good, then run with it...

    In the first game, I got shot up pretty quickly. It was very reminiscent of the first game I played there. I ran up the middle of the buildings in an attempt to grab the flag, but as I ran into the open, I got shot by about five paintballs all across the front. Only one of them broke skin, and that was on my left forearm. It left a nice little bruise and a couple small holes where I was bleeding, but overall, it wasn't that bad. The other paintballs left some pretty nasty bruises, but nothing else broke the skin.

    I should say that Dane was in an old suit and an old tux shirt. He got shot in the shoulder (yes, with the jacket on), and he started bleeding. I guess that someone had an above average paintball gun...

    After these matches, we all went back to Front Royal where we hung out at the McM.'s house and played some games. Ryan and I teamed up, and we scored a mighty goose egg (that would be a zero). After that, we sat around talking for a while until about 9 PM. I went to Christendom, where I joined a large group of people just in time for a game of Mao. I almost forgot the rules, but they quickly came back to me. Yeah, I got penalized, but hey, it was still fun...

    After that game, Draper and I sang some Eastern Chant for Emily. I then met Miss H., who I had met very briefly in Texas. She looked rather familiar, but I couldn't place her face until she introduced herself...
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