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Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy Sunday

Saturday evening, I went to and sang at Vespers at Holy Transfiguration. On the way back to the apartment, I went to Tyson's Corner. Feeling somewhat lonely, I called home, but Mom wasn't there. I then called Elizabeth, my twin sister, but she wasn't there either. I finally called Jane, my older sister, and I started leaving a pathetic message, but then she picked up and interrupted my message...

So, anyway, I walked through the Tyson's Corner Galleria with her in my ears, looking for shoes. I went through Macy's, Jos. A Bank, and a few other stores. My phone started getting some pretty bad reception, so I had to let her go, but Jane said that it was loads of fun going for the ride and shopping. It was better than online shopping, because there was a human being on the other end. Either that, or the human being provided commentary on basically everything.

When I got back to the apartment, Alex and I watched Team America: World Police.

Sunday morning, I went to Front Royal for the normal stuff: choir practice, Mass, and select choir practice. After that, the rest of the day was spent with good friends and fun times. I played three games of racquetball with Draper, Francis and Tim (one of Francis's buddies). Then, we played about five games of wallyball (similar to volleyball, but in a racquetball court -- yes, there's a net). After that, I went to Dane's, where he, Jonathan and I played a new card game that he got called Three Dragon Ante. At 6:30 PM, I headed over to campus to help TJ and the birthday singers learn some new stuff. We practiced and critiqued for about an hour, and that was about it.

Upstairs, swing dance practice was going on. I saw Tim again and we got to talking. He really seems to like the college and its traditions. After a few minutes, Michael B. and I headed over to Dane's, and the two of us joined Jonathan, Dance and a small group of ladies who were watching Serenity. (I still haven't seen the entire movie, so I can't write about it yet.) After that, Michael, Jonathan, and I talked and joked around in Jonathan's room while Dane entertained the ladies. When the ladies left, we set up to play another game of Three-Dragon Ante, but this time we invited Tamby to play. She lives upstairs to Dane, so the summoning consisted on banging on the ceiling and then walking outside to talk.

Michael and I left about 11:50 PM, and met up with Joe P. The three of us went to join TJ and the others on the girls' side of campus for birthday singing. I miss the old crowd -- not last year's crowd, the original crowd. The guys my freshman year would gather en masse just for a girl's birthday and, among 20 guys, had an enormous repertoire, ranging anywhere from ballads, to arias, to folk, to rock, to ... basically anything... The current crowd has a significantly smaller repertoire, but that's mostly because they're still learning...

After that, TJ and I hot the town and got some stuff from 7-11. I picked up Gatorades and an energy bar for the drive back. TJ picked up ... TJ stuff...

Knowing that I would get really tired on the drive back, before I got onto 66, I stopped at the Apple House, got out of the car and stretched my legs for a couple minutes, just wandering around and breathing in deeply the crisp night air. Half-way back on highway 66, I got tired again, so I pulled over into a shopping center and took a catnap. I got going again, and arrived back at the apartment. But at that point, I was so tired, that I thought I'd just chill for a moment in my car (it was parked safely in the parking lot, have no fear). I think my moment of relaxation was closer to an hour of sleep, because I walked into the apartment after 4:00 AM, and didn't actually get to sleep until almost 5:00 AM...
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