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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Addendum to Tuesday, April 18, 2006, "At home"

I meant to mention one thing. After I got my boarding pass for the ATA jet in Chicago, everything seemed to go fine. I got seat 20F, a window seat. After they let me through the line, and I walked all the way to the end of the ramp, the lady called me and ran after me: "Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith!" The second time, I knew she was trying to get my attention. I turned around, and walked up to her. They had apparently double-booked a seat. I came back up to the front, wondering if things were going to be as bad as I thought they were. Turns out that no, they weren't. I got moved from 20F to 3F. I'm movin' up in the world.

After I got settled into the plane, a young lady looked at me, and her ticket stub, and asked me if I was supposed to be in 3A. I looked around, and said that, no, I was supposed to be in 3F. How embarrassing! I had taken the poor girl's seat by mistake! I quickly apologized and moved my stuff to across the aisle.

Shortly after that, a security guard came on board the plane, accompanying another man. She asked for a show of hands for all Anthony Smith's. I was going to raise my hand, because it's what my ticket read. But another hand went up. The man she was accompanying was also named Anthony Smith. I never knew that my name was so popular! In any case, it turned out that she was accompanying was actually named "Howard Smith", so there was only one true Anthony Smith on the plane, and an Anthony Smitha. How honored! :)
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