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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday @ Home

Mom invited my twin sister, her husband and kids (James, Elizabeth, A.J. and Anya F.), and my older sister, her husband and their family (Gilbert, Jane and Hannah V., with Kathy and a friend) over for dinner. (Lost yet?) {grins evilly} Dinner stated about 5:00PM, and we all just acted like family. It was loads of fun.

A.J. is really growing up. He's become a lot more polite and considerate since the last time I saw him, whereas Anya is going through the terrible threes. She knows she's cute, and it trying to use it to get away with murder. A.J. also knows he's cute, too, but isn't trying to get away with murder anymore. He's such a cool kid!

We got a few pictures of the entire family. I hope to get a copy of it. I'll post it here, if I get a copy. Not "here" here, but on this blog.

After Liz & the family left, the Jane and her family stuck around for a little bit. But as it was getting quite late, they packed up to head out shortly thereafter.

And, for the record, I still can't dance, but I remember a little bit. I remembered the tango steps as Jane and I got into a couple dancing positions in the den...
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