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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday in Pensacola

After arriving at the cottage (our hotel was a cottage on a country club), I got checked into my room. I was sharing the room with Joe P., MikeE, and Ryan O. I was awake for a while and acting goofy, but I crashed shortly after, sleeping like a vampire, horizontal, arms at my sides.

Apparently, this is an uncommon sleeping position. I hear a rumor that people were surprised by the fact that I could actually sleep like that.

I woke up before it was time to go, around 3 PM, Eastern Time. Seeing the time, I fell back asleep.

Ryan woke me up later when it was time to go. The clock in the room was wrong -- it was reading an hour earlier than it was. We went to the church for the wedding rehearsal and choir practice.

At the church, everything was fine. The choir people needed a lot of work, but that's what practice was for. After it all, Father Dan heard confessions, and then it was back to the cottage for dinner.

Dinner was roast beef, pork, chicken, macaroni and cheese, peach cobbler, and other good stuff. After dinner, Brendan M. (Pat's best man) wanted to go to McGuire's, a local pub, for Pat. Chris L., Dane W., Ken F., Mike P., Brendan, Pat and I all went. On the way there, Pat dropped Laura and some of her siblings off at their house. I rode with them, so I got to know them a little better.

McGuire's was fun. It had a wacky feature: there was nearly half-a-million (and counting) $1 bills stapled to the ceiling. All the bills were signed or doodled on -- it apparently helps reduce theft. There was a story of a guy who actually did steal some of the money from the place, but he was caught red-handed when the police found the unique money.

In any case, there was a live band, which consisted of one guy with a foul mouth and mind, and his guitar. After a couple beers, we tried to drown him out with The Parting Glass, but it failed. After all, he had a microphone, and we were way in the back.

We left the pub, but turned back to get Pat's victory mug. Then we went back to our respective cottages. It was about 1 AM. MikeE, Carissa, Ryan, and Maria were all watching TV, but when I told them the time, they all went to bed rather quickly. I followed suit in a few moments.
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