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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend days (part 2)

Vespers last night had a new priest, Father Mark Malone, the iconographer from California (although, I didn't know that then). From Holy Transfiguration, I went to Ken and Alaina's, where Mike and Liz McG., Lizzie, Christine, and Sarah were already. I was just in time to help construct the bonfire, and then got going very nicely. Pat and Laura S. showed up, and we roasted marshmallows, sang some songs, and generally had a good time. Shortly after that, Mike and Liz left. Lizzie and Christine left shortly after that.

Pat, Ken and I stood outside talking for a while around the embers while Laura, Alaina, and Sarah went inside. We let the fire burn out for a while, and then went inside. It was already about midnight, so it was definitely time to go.

I got back to the apartment at about 1:00 AM, and went right to sleep. I had a really fun dream, but I can't remember what it was, so don't even bother checking my other blog, which stinks, because it was really good, too! Oh well...

I overslept, actually, so I was late getting to Holy Transfiguration. I missed 90% of the baptism, but I caught all of Divine Liturgy. Today, Father Mark assisted at the Liturgy. Andrew told me that I was in for a treat, because Archbishop Elias from Galilee was coming that day.

Today, the sermon was about life in Galilee, and how Christians are the voices of moderation and reason in Galilee between the Jews and the Muslims. He spoke of how the two other religions were extremely exclusive, and did not mix well, but how the Christians had an open-door policy to everyone there. He asked for prayers especially, because that helps more than money -- but money was obviously welcome.

After Liturgy, I went to work to blog. Life without a computer stinks...
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