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Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday, and the drive to FL

This weekend, Pat S. and Laura H. were getting married in Pensacola, FL. A large Christendom contingent was going there to celebrate with them. At the same time, Christendom College was having Homecoming weekend.

To be perfectly honest, I really wanted to go to both. I hadn't missed a Homecoming weekend yet, and I had wanted to keep that repetition. Now I had to choose: my options were either the wedding of two good friends at which I would sing and then play music at the reception when the live band wasn't playing, or a celebration involving a number of drunk alumni, a dance which, in previous years, was too packed to actually do much dancing, and a high-spirited football game, involving the original 13 states and every state touching the Atlantic (East) vs. everyone else (West).

I had hoped to leave work on Thursday by 3 PM to be beat traffic. I was so busy with reports that I couldn't leave until almost 7 PM. I had to make a stop at the apartment before we could go, because I had forgotten some stuff that was rather important for this trip. When I finally called it a day, I still had so much work to do it wasn't even funny, but if I didn't stop then, I would not have stopped until the wee hours of the morning.

Lizzie borrowed my car over the weekend, so on the way to Sarah's house where Ken, Alaina and Sarah were all waiting for me, I swung by Christendom for two reasons: #1 to give her the key to my apartment; John E. was coming down, and he wanted to stay there, and #2 to drive her to Sarah's house and then she would take the car from there.

I got to Sarah's about 9:30 PM, and we left shortly after that. I slept in the car until about 2 AM. Sometime in the middle of the night, when I couldn't sleep anymore (I think around 4 AM), Ken and Alaina got in the back seat, Sarah and I got in the front, and she drove while Ken and Alaina slept. After getting lost coming out of Atlanta, GA, we stopped for directions, and I took over after that.

We made it to Pensacola by about 11 AM, Central Time (yes, we switched from Eastern to Central)...
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