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Thursday, October 19, 2006

NYC, day 3

On the final day in NYC, we stopped in again at La Parisienne for breakfast, and then sauntered down twenty blocks to Penn Station, were we had about an hours wait for the train. Dr. P kept reminding Michael and me that we were in no hurry -- we had plenty of time. But all things considered, it's much more fun to stride through the streets of NYC than it is to saunter through them, although, had we sauntered, we would have had a lot more time to just take it all in.

In Penn Station, Michael wanted some coffee, and I wanted something to snack on myself. I ordered a drink called The Hulk from Smoothie King and enhanced it with an energy supplement. With as many calories as it had in it, I figured that a shot of energy booster in there would help prevent me from falling right asleep...

On the train ride back, I played a few video games. It had been a while since I had actually sat down with one, so what the hey, you know?

Lizzie called when we were back in DC. She wanted to know if we wanted dinner. We thought it sounded like a good idea, so the three of us had dinner with Lizzie and Laurel, and told them about the trip.

I went back to Herndon that night. I discovered there, in transit, that my laptop died. That's one of the reasons that these last few posts have been so long in getting up here...
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